Whetstones: Belgian Coticules Sharpening Stone

Coticule Whetstones From Belgium — -> Selected Quality.
These natural stones are from Ardennes, Belgium. These are select quality (1st grade). They are natural (not synthetic) and each stone has its own unique quality. The approx. grit is 6000-8000, although there is no official rating for a natural stone, so this is a guide only. Natural coticule stones are yellowish in colour and are glued to a piece of slate to strengthen. There are different veins that appear on occasion. Coticules are the stone of choice for many straight razor users. If respected and looked after, these beautiful sharpening stones from the Ardennes Belgium can last many many years and offer one of the best finishes on tools, razors and knives. Available in several sizes (not all stocked but can be ordered in). Slurry stones can be purchased separately (or come free with larger stones). Always use with water. When finished, dry before storing. Avoid using these stones dry.
Please Note: stock photos are used when there are no marks / visible lines etc. in the stone. Only when there are visible / notable differences on a specific stone will a unique photo be taken.

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