Shapton Pro (Ha-No-Kuromaku) Sharpening Whetstones

The Shapton Pro / Traditional (Ha-No-Kuromaku which translates to: Black Curtain Of Edge) sharpening water ‘splash and go’ water whetstones are Japanese made ceramic based synthetic water stones of varying grits. Each stone has a grit rating (and colour code) from: 120 (White), 220 (Moss). 320 (Blue Black), 1000 (Orange), 1500 (Blue), 2000 (Green), 5000 (Dark Red), 8000 (Melon), 12000 (Cream), 30000 (Purple). These stones cut fast and are suitable for a wide variety of steels. Shapton whetstones from 5000 grit and above begin the polishing stages.

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