Natural Arkansas Whetstones / Oil Stones (Novaculite) - Sharpening Stone

Natural Arkansas Stones – Novaculite (1st Grade – Highest Quality)
These natural stones are from the Ouachita Mountains Arkansas USA. Can be used with a specialized honing oil (keep in mind once you use oil, you can only ever use oil on that specific stone), or you can use water throughout the process for sharpening your tools and knives.
These stones don’t really slurry like other stones. Each stone has its own unique qualities and different whetstones (even within the same rating) can have slight variants in colour. Natural stones do not have specific grit ratings like synthetic whetstones; instead they are simply rated medium/soft – hard/fine – black ultra fine (this Arkansas stone is also known as ‘surgical black’ due to its use in the older days to sharpen dental or medical instruments! This grit is a polishing stone).
There is also a ‘Translucent’ novaculite stone (which is considered extra fine also).
Due to their nature, Arkansas (novaculite) whetstones don’t wear as quickly as synthetic stones; however can be slower cutters. Best results are achieved on softer steels; whereas harder modern steels can be more difficult to achieve results (please keep this in mind). Due to their slow wearing nature, they will only need very rare flattening (lapping), and will last for many many years if looked after. Medium grit stones can be a very good, cheaper option for lapping ‘some types’ of whetstones. Once finished, dry the stone completely before storing in its wooden box.

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