Leather Strops

Leather strops are an important final last step in the sharpening process for knives and tools. Strops don’t sharpen blades like whetstones do (remove steel). Instead they polish the blade by helping to remove any burr “teeth” still left after the whetstones. The result of using a strop can be a ‘glassy’ polished finish which can make a very noticeable difference in sharpness. They can be used raw (as is) or a polishing compound can be applied.
Leather has two sides, the rough side (suede) and the smooth side. Most strops come with the rough side up, as this is also a great surface for the polishing compound to grip onto.
This wonderful tool has been used for centuries and most famously by barbers, to help maintain a razors edge on their razor throughout the day in between shaves!

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