La Pyrénées Whetstones

The La Pyrénées whetstone is approximately 1500 grit and is from France, while the Belgian Blue (BBW) on the other side is from Belgium and a finer polishing grit. These two stones are excellent for knives and tools. Start with the La Pierre Des Pyrénées and finish on the BBW. Only water is needed during the sharpening process, however a slurry stone can be used on the BBW if preferred. Like all whetstones, the La Pyrénées will need lapping to keep the surface true/level and reconditioned for best results. If your knives get overly blunt in between sharpening, you may need to use a coarser grit stone before the La Pyrenees and BBW to make the task quicker and more efficient. These are fine and slow stones and not meant for excessive steel removal.

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