1 x Coticule Slurry Stone (Bout No. 1)


Please Note: This is a stock photo only, it may not be the exact shape your slurry stone will arrive to you. They are all odd-shaped and small.

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Sold individually (small) .

Smaller than a matchbox in size: i.e. only a few cm’s – (shape varies dependent on stock).

The more garnets that are released to the surface of the stone in the slurry ‘mud’ when sharpening, the faster (due to the more course cutting action) the whetstone can become. This slurry gives the stone more versatility over a wider “grit” range which is important when using Belgian stones (most naturals actually); as just plain water alone can equate to a very fine / polishing and in turn slower stone.

This small coticule slurry stone is used with water by rubbing it on the surface of the main coticule whetstone. This process (only takes a minute or so) creates a slurry (a milky liquid), that is used to help create different levels of grit (coarseness) all on the one whetstone (rather than using multiple stones of different grits in succession). By diluting the slurry with water after each stage of sharpening (until you get down to just water on the whetstone alone), you can make the cutting action more and more fine (i.e course to finer grit).

Of course, if you have any extremely blunt knife, need to remove chips etc a synthetic course stone will usually be needed to start the process (more efficient for that task).

  • Qty. 1 x Slurry Stone
  • Type: ForĀ  Use With Coticule Whetstones. Could be either standard or select grade (‘standard’ meaning could have possible minor imperfections).
  • Size: Under a matchbox in size: i.e. only a few cm’s – (shape varies dependent on stock)

Coticule slurry stones come glued to a piece of slate for strength. The slate itself is not to be used for creating a slurry.

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Weight 300 g