320 Grit Shapton Pro (Ha-No-Kuromaku) Whetstone


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  • Size: 210 (L) mm x 70 (W) mm x 15 (H) mm
  • Stone Grit: 320 (factory sealed)
  • Model: Professional / Traditional Series (Ha-No-Kuromaku)
  • Comes with plastic case – – the case itself can be used as a stone holder!
  • From: Japan
  • Stone Type: Synthetic
  • Use with water (when finished, dry completely before storing) – No pre-soaking necessary, just wet and go!
  • Do not soak before use (or store in water) and do not sun dry
  • Like all whetstones, this will need periodic lapping. Please read this product overview before ordering > Shapton stones

320 grit is used to re-set a bevel, remove chips or on very blunt blades.

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Weight 300 g