Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate: The DGLP


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The DGLP Shapton diamond lapping plate is designed for use on the Shapton professional series and glass series whetstones. It has a production deviation of +/- 5 microns.

The DGLP is used to help prevent and correct dishing in Shapton whetstones. Dishing (unevenness) occurs when a whetstone is constantly used and through this process begins to breakdown.

The wear/breakdown of a whetstone is a normal result of use – however due to the way in which we sharpen our tools and knives over time, the wear on the whetstone surface can be uneven (on average we usually focus our passes across the more centre areas – causing gullies and resulting high spots). When this wear (dishing) appears on the whetstone surface overtime, the blade cannot pass evenly over the surface as it once did, which can result in less than perfect results.

To prevent dishing from occurring and affecting the sharpening results, it is best to lap the whetstones every few sharpening sessions (or more regularly if needed). This plate can also of course be used to level the whetstone again if dishing has already taken place.

Water is used throughout the process to flush the slurry (broken down stone from the process) away. When lapping is finished, always ensure to wash/rinse thoroughly with water (and then dry) the whetstone and lapping plate before storing.

Note: This DGLP diamond lapping plate should only be used from the Shapton 500 grit upwards manufacture recommendation.

Size: 10 x 3 inches