La Pierre Des Pyrénées Combination Stones 150mm x 60mm (La Pyrénées + Belgian Blue)


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Stock is in Australia, ready to post to you! (these stones were originally ordered direct from the manufacturer in Belgium).

  • Size: 150(L) mm x 60 (W) mm
  • Stone Type: (La Pierre Des (from Saurat France) + Belgian Blue)
  • From Ardennes, Belgium
  • Stone Type: Natural
  • Double Sided
  • Grit: Natural stones do not have standard grit ratings (however approx. grit of La Pierre Des Pyrénées is approx. 1500 – 2000 grit and the Belgian Blue (BBW) is much a higher polishing stone and can be used with a slurry stone to get an advanced edge before going water only (more polished).
  • Use with water throughout the sharpening process. When finished, dry completely before storing.
  • Like all whetstones, this will need periodic lapping. Please read this product overview before ordering > lapping

Having this combination stone alongside your coticule will mean you will have a natural stone to do any minor repair work on your blades or to bring quite dull blades back to life before using the coticule. With a grit of around 1500 the La Pyrénées will get that job done quicker than the coticule. This combination stone is a great set for those who prefer to keep it all natural.

If your knives get overly blunt in between sharpening or you need to re-bevel an edge, you may need to use a coarser grit stone before the La Pyrenees and BBW to make the task quicker and more efficient.

Optional Extra’s:

Belgian Blue Slurry Stone / Coticule Slurry Stone


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