Combination Arkansas Whetstone Medium/Hard 100mm x 50mm x 25mm (Novaculite) – 1st Grade


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  • 1st Grade (highest quality)
  • Size: 100 (L) mm x 50 (W) mm x 25 (H) mm (10 x 5 x 2.5 cm)
  • Comes with wooden storage box
  • Stone Type: Arkansas (Novaculite)
  • From: Ouachita Mountains USA
  • Stone Type: Natural
  • Grit: Natural stones do not have standard number grit ratings (this stone is listed as ‘medium & fine’).
  • Use with water throughout the sharpening process (when finished, dry completely before storing).
  • Honing oil can be used instead (Oil Stone).

This novaculite sharpening stone is a combination whetstone. It is a Medium and Hard stone. The medium side is used for general sharpening and can put a very sharp edge on a blade, the hard side (fine) will refine it further.

If you want to get the last stage of sharping and add a polish, consider the black extra fine stone.

This natural combination stone is also a great finisher but not recommended for really blunt knives (only as it can take sometime to get it back). If your knife is blunt as a butter knife/chipped or needs repair consider a synthetic stone 320 or 180/400 then onto this stone.