Like most endeavours where there are several roads to the same destination, there can also be more than one way (technique) to sharpen knives, razors and woodworking tools. Turning your sharpening into a complicated routine can remove the enjoyment of sharpening and make it a dreaded choir. I believe it is best to keep the process as simple as possible and in turn hopefully an enjoyable process.

My personal opinion on sharpening is very simple. You have a whetstone, water and a tool (be it a pocket knife, kitchen knives, woodworking tools or razors). As long as those three items combined (whetstone, water and tool, using whichever technique/method you select), go on to create a working edge (your working edge may be different to the next), then you are heading in the correct direction for accomplishing your needs. If on the other hand you find you are not gaining an edge, your technique will need adjusting. The result itself will tell you!

For example, not every task will require a ‘razor sharp’ edge. Those looking to use their old fashioned ‘cut throat’ razors will be searching for a different (finer) edge (for a different duty) to someone sharpening a general utility pocket knife, that will be used to cut items like boxes or rope. A pocket knife user may be looking for an angle and edge which is different to a Sushi chef who’s tasks and duties will be different again, and so on…. The purpose and intended use for your tools will determine how far you wish to take your sharpening routine and also the specific whetstone/s (grits or number of stones) you may decide to incorporate into that routine.

Spending money on expensive knives and tools without the ability to keep them sharp and ready for use can be very disappointing. But with some practice and time, you can begin to master the technique/s needed to get the edge you want, every time.

There are many high quality whetstones (both natural and synthetic) available to help you with all your sharpening needs. From natural stones taken from the earth to synthetic (man-made) whetstones created with exact grit sizes in mind, there are stones to suit each progression throughout the process.

Remember, if you find you are not getting the results intended, your technique will just about always be the culprit, not the stone.

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